Welcome to "Ex Occident Lux", an unofficial website started to provide information about Ér to the English-speaking world. I have tried to include a sampling of the most relevant information; for full details and more pictures, please see the Ér official homepage - use the Internet Archive to view past versions from when the site was open.

News and updates:

8/24/2021: Updated photo and information on 3rd demo tape "sefira" in discography
6/21/2021: Added lyrics for 2nd demo tape "Ér" and "Ex Orient Lux", added larger pictures in discography
4/17/2011: Added lyrics for "GARDEN" original version, updated band biography with new information
8/23/2009: Added lyrics for "e:rg" to the discography
4/18/2006: Ér closes official website, announces a stop to activities
6/16/2005: Added lyrics for "The Third" to the discography section.
6/15/2005: "e:rg" is officially out of print.
6/9/2005: Added a review of "The Third".
6/6/2005: Ér announces that "e:rg" will go out of print on 6/15/2005.
5/5/2005: "The Third" released!
4/23/2005: Ér have announced that "The Third" has received many preorders already, and may sell out the entire pressing. Those of you still waiting to order your copy, don't delay! There are still copies left... for now.
3/18/2005: "The Third" release date announced to be 5/5/2005.
3/2005: Unofficial site "Ex Occident Lux" opened.
2/2005: Ér official website relaunched; release of new CD "The Third" announced.